11th Bibliodrama Conference


11th Bibliodrama Conference and EBN Meeting



on 26-30 August, 2015

In St. Joseph Seminary, Vilnius, Lithuania.


Fee for international participants:

Accommodation: 220 € double room, 260 € single room (food and loadging for 4 nights). 

Conference fee 140 €.



Fee for Lithuanians:

Accommodation: 120 € double room (food and loadging for 4 nights), 80 € only food. 

Conference fee 140 €.



The official language of the Conference is English.


 Registration form 

Places are limited, registration corresponding to the date of subscription. Deregistration clause: unsubscribe after 30th June: you have to pay 20% of conference fee, after 1st August 100% of conference fee, if you can't find somebody else to take your place.



Wednesday, 26 August
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Welcome to Vilnius.

Thursday, 27 August
8:00 Morning prayer
9:00 Workshop 1
12:00 Lunch
14:30 Workshop 2
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Input session
21:00 Prayer for the peace

Friday, 28 August
8:00 Morning prayer
9:00 Workshop 3
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Visit KGB museum
18:00 Dinner
19:30 Meditation and prayer in the park

Saturday, 29 August
8:00 Morning prayer
9:00 Workshop 4
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Visit Vilnius old town and important places, free time
19:00 Gala Dinner (clothes suitable for dinner party)

Sunday, 30 August
9:00 EBN meeting
10:30 Worship
11:30 Lunch
See you next year!

*Please notethat there might still be some changes to the program






Bibliodrama workshop leaders and programmes:


1. Agnes Bouwen, Belgium and Burkhard Geese, Germany

In the shadow (or the light) of the prophet

In the footsteps of the exiles going home

We wander

Trough time and space

Trough town and nature

And we wonder looking  for that special

Everlasting sign

That keeps on calling me/ you/ us… to go on …

„Elements of our work will be Bodywork, Encounter and Play in roles and scenes, Updating and Actualization, Dance and Singing, Creative methods“


2. Krysztyna Sztuka, Poland and Eckhard Frick SJ, Germany

Structur of activities: Puls. Warming - Up. Exercises in the group-integration. Confrontation with the text of Isajah (reading for himsellfs and then in pairs and looking for associations with onather biblical stories).  Each pairs chois "own story" and built a viniete. The whole group work with the chosen part of text in the biblical psychodrama. Feedback on the roles. Final sharing and recapitulation of process. 


3. Dóra Falvay, Hungary and Ingeborg Swanhild Fink, Germany

"You are invited: come and taste a bit of life!

In our workshop we will explore the different questions raised in the text -

What do I thirst for? What does it cost me? Where am I invited? What are these thoughts that are not mine? How high are they above me? What are these strange plants that are growing on my path of life? 

On our exploring journey we will use different kinds of body work and play. In an individual process we will trace our steps through the text with creative methods and hopefully surprize ourselves with the result."



Excursion (begining at 1:00 P.M, on 29th of August): 

Take with you a detail or hat of renaissance style clothing, comfortable shoes - for walking in old town of Vilnius. Take also your Bible or a copy of Isaiah 55, 1-13 in your language with you.


More information:

For one supplementary night (before or after the conference) we recommend to stay in St. Joseph seminary for 35 Euro (breakfast is included)

            Guest Houses and Hotels for a longer stay in Vilnius (2 days +) should be booked by your own. 
                    You can choose from a list here:

Learn more about Vilnius and check your transportation:


Contact persons:

Email: gtinstitutas@gmail.com
Vilhelmina Raubaite-Mikelionienė tel. +370 686 77824  
Ramunė Gecaitė tel. +370 657 79395