Devise No. VP1-2.2-ŠMM-05-K „Creation and implementation of language teaching, enterprise development, and innovative educational methods“ of 2007-2013 Lithuanian Human recourses development actions program’s 2nd priority “Life-long learning”.

The project is financed by European Social Fund and Republic of Lithuania.


The beginning of the project: 4 August, 2011.

The end of the project: 4 August, 2013.


The aim of the project

Develop harmonious and responsible personality who is led by Christian-humanistic values, able to communicate and cooperate, striving to social justice, and devoting his/her abilities to public welfare.


In nowadays schools of general education, more attention is paid to transfer of knowledge than students’ value orientation formation. Teachers begin to talk about impossible working atmosphere in schools more often. Students’ behaviour becomes less and less controlled. Facing the fact of increasing taunting and discrimination, the only solution may be resolved orientation of educational content towards value orientation formation. Reflective education, when a person relates known and new things, connects theory and practise, re-thinks and assesses what is done during the learning process, is essential in nowadays schools. Referring to theory of reflective teaching, a teacher observes the learning process itself, reflects, and assesses his/her work at the same time obtaining more possibilities to improve it.

During this project, the model of reflective value orientation is being implemented in schools of general education. The model is being implemented in schools with the help of direct and indirect training as well as practical activities during the lessons. The program consists of 12-seminar cycle.


The project takes place in six regions of Lithuania: Ignalina, Zarasai, Kelmė, Šilalė, Kaunas, and Marijampolė.


Participans of the project are teachers, administration employees, and specialists of educational help from partner-schools and other schools of general education as well as members of federation Ateitis and other non-governmental organizations.