Bibliodrama is a method of Bible cognition and awareness. Its core is Bible reading in groups. The centre of attention in bibliodrama is the place where a person’s life and a text of the Holly Scripture meet. Bibliodrama creates opportunity for people to better know the text of the Holly Scripture as well as the God acting in the text and person’s relation with God in his/her personal journey of life and faith. The aim of bibliodrama is not to stage the texts of the Bible but to empathize the characters of the Holly Scripture, their situations, and their encountering Jesus.


Duration of the project: from 17 August 2009 until 24 February 2011.


Results of the project.

14 Lithuanian people, who participated in 270-hour long educational program, acquired international certificates of bibliodrama leader. These were the first people in Lithuania who acquired international bibliodrama certificates satisfying the requirements of European Bibliodrama Network. Five lecturers of the Life and Faith Institute were among those who became qualified bibliodrama leaders.


The program was led by the lecturer Heidemarie Langer, M.A., (Hamburg, Germany) bibliodrama teacher and free lancing theologian and communication consultant. The other two lecturers were Wolfgang Wesenberg (Berlin, Germany), the leader of adult education department in Berlin Evangelic Church, editor of the bibliodrama journal “Text Raum”, and Andreas Pasquay (Langenfeld, Germany), vicar of Evangelic Church, bibliodrama leader.